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Reynolds provides a tower crane fleet consisting of full size and self-erecting models, as well technicians and personnel well-rehearsed in their roles. Reynolds also offers full service erection and dismantlement to customers who have their own tower cranes.

Full size tower cranes are the best option for duty cycle work at construction sites. They offer great speed and lifting capacities all while at a high elevation giving the operator a vantage point of the entire jobsite. We offer tower cranes ranging from short jib lengths to long reach with a variety of capacities.

On smaller jobsites where a full size tower crane would be surplus, a self-erecting tower crane is perfect. Offering many of the benefits of a full size crane, a self-erecting tower crane is easily portable and can be erected in one day.

Aside from tower crane rental, Reynolds also offers technicians and support personnel knowledgeable in the tower crane process. Reynolds is full service in the erection and dismantlement process, as well as more involved projects where jumping and building tie-ins are needed.

Reynolds Rigging and Crane is a “turn-key” company with tower cranes.