6.46 SH

Stabilizers: scissors
Lifting Capacity: 13,200 lbs
Capacity at Maximum Height: 5,500 lbs
Lifting Height: 149.6 ft


The RTH 6.46 SH is the highest rotating telescopic handler in the world. It achieves a lifting height of 46 m, with a maximum load capacity of 6 tonnes. It is the perfect solution for all construction or industrial sites requiring best-in-class reach and lifting capacities. The inclination corrector and scissor stabilisers with large support feet offer excellent stability under all circumstances, guaranteeing perfect ground holding on all terrain in order to ensure maximum operator safety. The dual-extension scissor stabilisers are ideal even with limited space available; even when it is only partially stabilised, the machine is programmed to provide the best possible load chart on each side. When the stabilisers are fully extended, on the other hand, they guarantee maximum machine performance over 360° as they are able to work over a very wide stabilisation base. This model allows the same attachment to be used in two different ways: strength mode M2 and stability mode M1. The first allows very heavy loads to be lifted, but with a more limited extension. The second mode, on the other hand, allows for greater extension, but with more limited loads. It is compatible with a huge range of accessories, thanks also to the RFID system which provides automatic recognition and creation of the dynamic load charts; this telescopic handler is able to meet a wide range of applications in construction and industry.


Rotating Telescopic Handlers




Special projects

Standard Equipment

3 in 1: Crane/Forklift Truck/Safety Cage

360° rotation

Registered Cab Design



100% Air Filtration

Heating/air conditioning as standard

Cup Holder


Four-Wheel Drive

Self Levelling


Hydraulic system

Best Lifting Performance

Gradeability 30°-40°


Lifting Capacity

13,200 lbs

Capacity at Maximum Height

5,500 lbs

Lifting Height

149.6 ft


105 ft

Stabilizers: scissors
Lifting Capacity: 13,200 lbs
Capacity at Maximum Height: 5,500 lbs
Lifting Height: 149.6 ft
Outreach: 105 ft
Engine: Mercedes OM 934 LA Stage IV
Nominal Power: 170 kW – 231 HP
Number of Gears: 2/2
Hydraulic System: Load Sensing 350 bar
Length: 344.49 in
Width: 98.43 in
Clear Light from the Ground: 15 in
Empty Weight: 67,240 lbs
Speed of Movement: 15 Mph
Rotation: 360°
Air Conditioning as Standard: Yes
Automatic Accessory Recognition: Yes

Standard Met

CE Certification
EN 1459-2: concerning standards for slewing variable-reach trucks
EN 280: concerning standards for mobile elevating work platforms
EN 13000: concerning standards for hydraulic cranes
UE 2016/1628: concerning engine emissions standards